Information & Cyber Security Awareness Campaigns

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We Help You Limit Human Risks

Human risks need to be managed as cyber threats are imminent. The impact of human error plays a vital role in the following information security incidents.

Malware infections


Financial Fraud

Credential Theft

Sensitive Data Leakage

CEO Fraud

Do our Mini-Quiz and See Where You Stand.

Key Campaign Ingredients

Spice-up your information & cyber security campaigns with one or more of our best-practice ingredients.

Phishing simulations done
Highest password steal
Average success rate on first phish
People trained

Lower your Cyber Insurance Premiums

There are two popular ways insurance companies set their insurance premiums. One is based on the total revenue of the company and the other is the actual risks your are exposed to. We cannot change your revenue, but we can change your risk exposure. Organisations can lower their fee when they can prove that they:

  • Train staff on key topics & policies.
  • Carry out risk assessments regularly, like scans and simulations.

Our cyber awareness campaigns will do both. We limits today’s most important cyber & information risk factor: The Human Element.

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