Fully Managed Awareness Campaigns

We organize cyber & information security awareness campaigns in order to create and measure behavioral change via confrontational attacks, knowledge building, assessments and surveys. We don’t re-sell our tools for you to use, but bring our tools combined with our service and expertise in a fully managed awareness project.

Use the magic Attack - Train - Measure formula

We strongly believe that As a result, email phishing exercises combined with our online Trainer platform are the key ingredients in our campaigns.

We offer your people a year full of experiences for only the price of a book

and for a fraction of the cost compared to a one-time-only classroom-based training.

People trained
Highest password steal
Phising simulations done
Average success rate on first phish

Walk the Human Awareness Maturity Path

The ultimate goal of our awareness campaigns is to change the human behavior. To achieve that we build our campaigns around 3 maturity categories: I see, I know and I do. For every category we can define several ingredients tailored to the organizations needs.

Select from our delicious Campaign Menu

An appetizer menu, including elements of the magic attack-train-measure potion. This menu has proven to get attention of your management & your staff. When we steal 30% or more of your employees’ passwords, you will have your managements attention for more.

  • One attack simulation to raise attention
  • An instant learning experience to create awareness
  • A staff results debriefing to increase involvement
  • A management report to open opportunities for support & budget

The best lunch in town. A unique & simplified offering including no-effort quarterly email phishing simulations and access to our interactive courses for all employees. For a price that is unbeatable.

  • Quarterly email phishing simulations to keep people awake
  • Benchmark reports comparing your phishing results to others.
  • Online trainings to increase knowledge
  • Communication ingredients to get everyone on the same page
  • Our expert guidance in its most essential format

A full 5-course menu, using ingredients that cover all elements of the maturity roadmap. This menu has proven to change human behaviour. It is a year full of experiences.

  • Online surveys to determine risk profiles
  • Continuous attack simulations to keep people awake
  • Communication ingredients to get everyone on the same page
  • Online trainings to increase knowledge
  • Advanced reporting to measure return on investment

An a la carte menu, including your favorite ingredients. This creative menu is specifically tailored to accommodate smaller budgets or advanced needs.

  • Attack: email phishing, voice phishing, usb phishing, physical inspections or break-ins
  • Training: online trainings, advanced assessments, lunch sessions, organization-specific trainings
  • Communication: newsletters, posters, rewards, intranet pages
  • Surveys: information security, internal policies
  • Incident response: Fish-Hunter outlook plugin to safely & easily report suspicious emails

Feeling Hungry?

Let us know!

Ask for our standard menu or tell us your specific needs.

Your Benefits when choosing our services

Customers that don’t have the skills and time  in-house for a DIY (Do It Yourself) approach, are very happy with our end-to-end managed service approach. In a managed service we take ownership of planning, communicating, executing and reporting on the campaign, in collaboration with the organizations’ campaign responsible and other internal departments

Our Global Services

Currently our consultants are based in Europe, but their services are available globally for any company of any size. In order to organize realistic face-to-face meetings we use state-of-the art video conferencing technologies. If you are open to such a way of working we can help you where-ever you are. it will save you time, but you can still benefit from our personal touch that we hold high.