Compare Campaign Formulas

The following formulas are the most commonly select by our customers.

Baseline Phish CampaignOne-time Email Phish

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  • 1 Email Phishing Simulation
  • Flexibel Phish: Choose Timing & Scenario
  • Report: Phishing Results, Technical Vulnerabilities, Recommendations, MGT summary

Trainer-Only CampaignBuild essential knowledge

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  • All Trainer Courses + Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Reports: Course Completion

Standard Yearly CampaignDedicated

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  • 4 Email Phishes/Year To All + 2 Targeted Email Phishes To Focus Groups
  • Flexibel Phish: Choose Timing & Scenario
  • All Trainer Courses + Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Reports: Benchmarked Phishing Results, Course Completion, Technical Vulnerabilities, Advanced Analytics & Recommendations

Looking For A Different Optimized Campaign?

If you are looking for a more intensive email phishing exercise with 4-12 email phishing to all employees, let us know. Additionally, we can offer USB Drops and Voice Phishing simulations. For smaller organizations we can also conduct class-room based workshops tailored to the reality of the organieation. We can work a la carte when needed.