The Hop-On Campaign

A Unique Information Security Awareness Campaign

Most organizations do see the value and need for an awareness program, but do not have the time, skills or budget for it. For those organisations that are looking for an extremely cost-effective and behavior-changing solution, we offer the Hop-On Campaign.

Easy to
  • Hop ON
  • Hop ON
Anytime You Want

We take the best from what we have learned from our bigger campaigns; including attack, train & measure ingredients; and developed this in an optimized formula. The Hop-On Campaign is driving at a continuous speed and individual organizations can decide to jump on or off anytime. We provide follow-up and guidance on what is expected from the organization. 

Campaign Ingredients Included

The following ingredients are included and optimized for maximum behavioral change and campaign follow-up.

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Your Benefits When Jumping On The Train

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