Your Human Risks

We live in a world where citizens and governments are more connected than ever before. The Internet touches almost all aspects of everyone’s daily life, whether we realize it or not. Government of all sizes store, access and process potentially sensitive personal information. Information that is can is surely valuable to many hackers. Nation states are continuously in conflict and are heavily spying on each other on order to discover intelligence data that can improve their own agenda’s. A breach can lead to disclosure of sensitive data, damaged trust and data being lost or held hostage.

If your staff can’t recognise a scam, they can’t take the right actions. Wrong actions lead to breaches and fraud. Employees, all the way up to senior management, remain a significant vulnerability within every organization. Cyber security awareness training can help your staff circumvent a security incident and save your organization thousands of dollars in related costs and fines.

The following examples are risk and attacks where human behaviour plays a key role in it’s success.

Malware infections

Sensitive Data Leakage


Credential Theft

Many organisations are challenged to ensure compliance by providing a sound security awareness training program for all their employees. Also the senior management and boards of directors are expected to be knowledgeable about cyber security and risk. It’s imperative that senior management and board of directors be trained to not only understand, but manage gaps before cyber-attacks occur.

How We Can Help

Providing education for all employees (including managements and boards) on social engineering threats and general information security best practices is an indispensable step toward properly managing risks, reducing fraud, and ensuring compliance.

We understand that education is secondary to your core business and you may not be equipped to provide this type of training. Get ready-to-use materials to build or enhance your security awareness program for your employees. Save time, effort and ensure compliance.

Our Cyber Security Awareness Program helps you educate your staff and partners about the dangers of phishing, malware, and more. You get access to our online hosted Trainer platform. We can conduct simulated email phishing exercises together with you. Additionally we can offer assistive learning materials including information security awareness articles, posters and newsletters. These ingredients can be stand alone or you can mix and match them to create your own security awareness program targeting your specific needs. Your security analysts will be very happy with our Fish-Hunter outlook plugin that brings potential phishing emails pre-analyzed to them for further expert investigation. If you don’t have time to analyse the report email for imminent threats, we can takeover that work for you too.

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