Fish-Hunter Outlook Plugin

  • Turns All Employees Into Hunters
  • Creates A Human Detection Shield
  • Automates Suspicious Email Reporting
  • Makes It Really Easy To Report Suspicious Emails
  • Makes People your strongest detection sensors
  • Automatically Analyses Emails
  • Gives Better Results Than Technical Sensors For APT Attacks.
  • Saves You Time & Money

Why Do You Need Fish-Hunter?

Reporting suspicious emails helps to detect email-based cyber attacks on the organization. By analyzing these emails, security teams can better protect their organization against malware, fraud, extortion and information theft.

If one of these statements applies to you, you should consider Fish-Hunter:

  • People hardly ever report emails
  • People constantly call the helpdesk to report emails
  • Our users don’t understand how they should report an email correctly: they forget where to send it to, they don’t know how to send the email with all necessary information
  • We don’t have enough time to analyse all the reported emails
  • We had incidents where the reported emails caused malware infections
  • We’d like to be able to prioritize better which reported emails we should analyze first

How Fish-Hunter Works

From the end-user perspective, Fish-Hunter is a button in the Outlook ribbon.

  • The user selects the suspicious email and presses the button.
  • The user indicates if he opened attachments or clicked on links.
  • The email is removed from the user’s inbox to his Junk Email folder.
  • The email is securely forwarded to a predefined mailbox.

From the analyst perspective, Fish-Hunter protects and pre-analyses all emails.

  • Emails are forwarded in password protected zips, that protects all dangerous elements.
  • The plugin performs an automated analysis of attachment & URL’s
  • Integrates with
  • Adds an analysis summary for every email
  • Captures users answers on the question if the clicked on anything


Expected Benefits for your organisation

Key Features that smell delicious

Fully configurable

Most elements are configurable including: Icons, text, reporting mailboxes and behaviour like how emails are reported and protected.


Fish-Hunter detects and uses the user’s outlook language. Languages can be added and translated as needed

Secure Forward

By default all potentially dangerous elements of the email are securely forwarded in password protected zips.

Proritized Follow-up

Via easy access to pre-analysis done by Virustotal, combined with the user-feedback if they clicked an URL or opened an attachment, you can quickly prioritize and take the necessary action


Requires no internet access to work. The plugin is available as a separate licensed product.

Easy install

One installer package supports 32/64 bit Windows OS and MS Office versions from 2007 to 2016