Interactive Courses

Reduced overall cost is the most influential factor in adopting e-learning. The elimination of costs associated with instructor’s salaries, meeting room rentals, and student travel, lodging, and meals are directly quantifiable. Employees spent less time away from their real job. Learning times can be reduced from 40 to 60%.

Available Interactive Courses

Recognize suspicious URLs and avoid common traps designed to steal your password or to install malicious software on your device.

Suspicious URLs

Don’t fall victim to the n°1 attack used by cyber criminals! Learn how to detect phishing emails before they steal your password or install malware on your computer.

Email Phishing

Via two realistic attack scenario’s you will learn what voice phishing is, how to recognize a phishing phone call and how to correctly respond.

Voice Phishing

Learn how to make your mobile device safer with just three steps. Apply what you learned in the app comparison test.

Mobile Device Safety

Learn how to detect when hackers or bad friends log in to your Facebook account, even when they have stolen your username and password.

Facebook Login Lockdown

You have to leave on a top secret mission immediately. Collect security points and achieve your mission by packing safely and on time!

On the Road

Research indicates that learners retain
  • 20% of what they SEE
  • 40% of what they HEAR
  • 75% of what thew SEE, HEAR & DO

Designed for Maximum Retention & Impact

Everything we design is with the end-user motivation in the front of our mind.

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