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Our Team


Lien Keulemans

Managing Partner

Lien has more than 10 years of experience as project manager in IT related projects. Lien is passionate about eLearning and brings her positive communication and people skills into Krinos awareness campaigns. Marketing your awareness campaign is an essential element for success. Her personal slogan: Success will follow when the people are empowered and positively motivated.


Kris Jehaes

Managing Partner

Kris has more than 15 years of experience in IT & Security. Kris combines a Vlerick MBA with a very deep & hands-on technical IT knowledge. He has worked on many security projects across sectors in companies big and small. His personal slogan in everything he does: Do more with less.

Our Mission

We organize cyber & information security awareness campaigns in order to create and measure behavioral-changing results via confrontational attacks, knowledge building, assessments and surveys. We don’t resell our tools for you to use, but bring tools combined with our service and expertise.

The ultimate goal is to make people more resilient against todays (common) cyber attacks and information security risks. We organize continuous multichannel campaigns on behalf of organizations using engaging, simulated, confronting and fun but concise learning experiences. Our campaigns bring tools and expertise to organizations in a high quality managed-service approach that guides our customers in all elements of organizing a campaign. Throughout our campaigns we measure results and collect feedback to improve our service, quantify ROI and to adapt our campaigns to the need of every organization.

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